Study English in the Philippines

If you’re learning to speak English or are looking to improve your language skills, one of the best ideas is to make a visit to the Philippines.

There are more than one hundred different languages used in different parts of the Philippines, but most people can speak English fluently throughout the country. In fact English is one of the two official languages in the Philippines.

There are many benefits to learning to speak English as a foreign language in the Philippines, particularly Cebu and Bacolod, which are currently the most popular ESL locations in the country. You can combine your visit with some leisure activities including visits to cultural sites and beaches.

If you want to make a big improvement to your English quickly then Cebu is a great choice of destination. Language schools can offer ESL at elementary, pre-intermediate, and intermediate levels, and the courses can last anywhere from four to 24 weeks. Good ESL education goes beyond the walls of the classroom so they have also incorporated a few cultural and career-related activities that can be enjoyed by the students.

In Metro Manila, Miriam College offers ESL programs. They even have a special facility for this called the Language Learning Center. Here, they have been teaching English as a second language for a few years now and the packages range from 24- to 45-hour courses for the proficiency program, and one to three weeks for the tour program. Both proficiency and tour programs cover topics in English speaking, listening, reading and writing.

There are many benefits to learning English in the Philippines. It is cheaper than traveling to western countries and much closer, with flights from Phnom Penh taking just a few hours.

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