Philippine Fair Event, 23 November

The Philippine Fair event, to be held on Saturday 23rd November will be an action filled day where visitors can learn more about The Philippines. Guests can enjoy cultural performances, try traditional Philippine food and experience a Uniquely Filipino fashion show.

In April 2019 Philippine Airlines launched direct flights 5 times a week between Phnom Penh and the Filipino capital, Manila, making a visit to one of Asia’s most exciting destinations an easy 3 hour hop away.

The Capital city of Manila offers a fantastic experience for travellers, from the best shopping locations in South East Asia, historic landmarks, fantastic food and a range of museums, art galleries and activities for guest to experience and enjoy.

With 7000 islands within the country, the Philippines offers lots more to travellers beyond its major cities including stunning national parks, tropical beaches, waterfalls and cultural experiences.

The event will also be a good source of information on travel and holiday packages in the country including special packages including English as a second language tours.

The Philippine Fair Event is free of entry and open to everyone and will provide a taste of the Philippines in advance in one fun day out in Phnom Penh.
The event will be held at the Himiwari Hotel in the Sunflower Ballroom on the 23rd November from 9am to 5pm.

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